Heel clicking good fun!

31 07 2009

It’s Friday and the heat wave eased a little…


Happy Weekend!

Heated Productivity

30 07 2009

It’s yet another sweltering day here, but this time I managed to summon up the energy to be a little productivity.

That saw me assembling the bike rack I bought a little over a year ago that until today had been in it’s original box in the garage, and assembling and installing the storage solutions for the bathroom and the towel holders that we bought some time ago.

That’s not to say I’ve not been productive previously, it’s just that those little jobs kept getting knocked off the list in favour of others.

But now they can finally be marked as completed.  Completed despite the fact I managed to soak through all my clothes with sweat due to the internal temperature of the house.

Oh well, at least I managed to get something done today, and now that the sun is sinking the temperature is dropping too.  So windows, and doors are open again and fans in full operation sucking cooler air in, and blowing hot air out.


Too. Hot. To. Type.

29 07 2009

Seattle broke it’s temperature record today.  With a recorded high of 105.F (40.5C), the highest temperature since temperatures began being recorded.

All I can say is that I’m BLOODY happy I covered the skylights today as the house while still exceptionally hot, took a lot longer to get to it’s highest temperature than it has on previous days.  Now all we need is an air conditioner, that is if we can find one.  Every air conditioner within a 50 mile radius has been purchased.

It’s sheer insanity.  Although admittedly I’ve experienced hotter temperatures in Australia, but that’s a country that’s equipped for this sort of weather.  Not so here.

Fortunately the sun is lower in the sky now, there’s a breeze and the temperature is dropping, so all the windows are open now, fans on, plants watered, dogs pool emptied and refilled and said dogs hosed down.  I’ve even contemplated soaking the cats, but I’m not so sure that’ll lower their stress levels any, nor mine if I think about it. 😉


Slight update…

We’ve spent the last 20 minutes throwing treats into the dog pool and watching the dogs “bob for treats” and in doing so cooling themselves off, and once they were done, I put the cats in the pool too.  They resisted a little, but not as much as I expected.  You could almost hear their minds calculating “Eek, this is water, panic…  But it’s so cool…  Hmmm, dilemma.”


My Own Private MacGuyver

28 07 2009

I’ve bitched and moaned the last few days about how hot the house has been in the recent spate of weather here in Washington.  Weather that has been record breaking hot, and last night/early this morning I had enough.

When the house was still 28 degrees Celsius at 4am and I was still awake because of the heat I finally decided to take action.

So, once I finally woke after 10am, incidentally making making myself late for Physical Therapy and the ice packs they cover me in at the end, something I used to hate, but in this weather I LOVE, and after being pummeled, I drove as fast (and safely) as I could to the hardware store to source something to solve my problems.

Ultimately I’d love to have bought an air conditioner, but right now that’s not ideal, as we’re considering remodeling the house and it’d be a waste of money.

Today though, while browsing all the shelves and considering my options I located a huge roll of silver bubble material, the same sort of stuff that is used for sunscreen shades in cars.  Perfect in my mind for skylights.  So a large wide roll (incidentally, the only one in the store) in my arms, I wandered off to find the biggest, heaviest duty roll of roofing tape I could find.

As soon as I got home, I grabbed the ladder, climbed up on the roof, and whereas I’d normally be very particular about where I put my feet so as not to fall through, or fall off, today I couldn’t have cared less.   If I’d fallen off, at least the hospital would be air conditioned – hehe.

Short story, although it may be too late for that now…   The roll of silver bubble material, ended up being (and I promise I never measured, I simply eyeballed it) ended up being the exact perfect width, and length for all three skylights, with absolutely no waste.  The tape was perfect for the application, and while my feet were cramping from the weird pitch(angle) of the roof, and I the sweat was pouring off me from the heat, the house has been now plunged into darkness and already feels cooler.  Although I think the interior temperature for the moment is more a mind trick because of how dark the house is now.

All that being said, I’m pretty sure the internal temperature will be a lot more comfortable now and the cats will resume their normal shapes rather than their current melted puddles of fur on the floor.

Yay me!  I’m pretty damn happy with myself right now, and it all cost less than $40.  Much cheaper than blinds for the skylights, and the obligitory wait for the quote and installation.

I’m going to go shower, and perch in front of a fan for a little while.


Hades, A practice run

27 07 2009

I was born and bred in Australia, spent my first 33 years there, survived the Summers, drought, and often while wearing a suit (for work), and sweltering it out for nearly a decade driving a car where the only air conditioning were the windows, and yet here I am in Seattle, Washington, melting.

Today was one of the hottest days I’ve experienced since I’ve been here, 42 degrees Celsius at one point, not too bad when there’s a light breeze, and with the knowledge that when the sun goes down, the temperature goes down with it.  That is the outdoor temperature.

For the first time in my life, I’m living in a house where the internal temperature has peaked (today) at 40 degrees Celsius.  I’m melting, and so are the cats.  They’ve spent the entire day sucking up as much water as I can pour into their bowls, and lying spread out flat like road kill on the floor boards in the coolest part of the house, the hallway.

I’ve spent the day in front of the fan, misting myself with a spray bottle.  I’d kill for an air conditioner about now.

On the upside though…  My orchids have never looked so good.  Whereas I usually water them every 10 days, now I’m watering them every 2, and they’re flourishing.

So at least some good has come from it all.

For the rest of us non-orchid organisms…  I’m going to be on the phone tomorrow organising for companies to come to the house to quote on installing blinds in the skylights, in an effort to block the sunshine that’s heating the house up so quickly.  Sourcing prices on air conditioners and doing everything I can to stay cool, which at this point means skipping gym in the morning in favour of sleeping in while it’s cool, then going to the gym in the afternoon at the peak of the heat and working out in relative air conditioned comfort.

First steps first, covering the skylights.  This is just the third day in what is about to be a spate of the hottest days this state has experienced in a while.

To give you a clue…  Mark has just received an email from Microsoft advising that the office buildings have all reached their cooling output maximums, and staff are required to close blinds on windows, and switch off all non essential items in an effort to minimise extra heat.

The highlight of today was grocery shopping.  Mark and I both stood in front of the ice-cream freezer with the doors open while reading all the labels and bathing in the frosty coolness.  😉

Hooroo I’m off to spritz and perch in front of the fan again.

Someone throw a bucket of water on me

26 07 2009

I’m already melting the water’s not going to make a difference.

Going to the movies today however, DID make a difference.  Air conditioned comfort, cold drinks and a good movie, very civilised.

We caught G-Force today, a 3D animation, about Guinea Pigs who are spies.  Far fetched?  Yes.  Enjoyable?  You better believe it.

But that’s all I’m going to say on it.  The longer my computer is on, the hotter the room gets.

So I’m hitting publish and getting out of here.


Lazy lazy lazy

25 07 2009

Just the way the day should have been…   I didn’t get to bed until the wee hours of this morning, and sadly, despite having taken something to help me sleep, I was still awake early.

It didn’t really help too much that around the same time I woke, the cats were up to all matter of shenanigans.  I’m not entirely sure what, but when I finally did get out of bed, every pillow on the couch was scattered across the floor.  I’m not quite sure what the attraction is, but at least once a day all the pillows end up on the floor.

Prior to that little discovery though, as I lay there desperately trying to ignore the cats, and dozing, Oliver, my Burmese boy jumped up on my chest and settled in for a snuggle.  Which if you knew him you’d know was quite out of character.  You see, he’s decided that his role in life is simply to be gorgeous, and accept the occasional pat while allowing us to wait on him hand and foot.  To actually be allowed to cuddle him, is a rarity.  So I have to confess I did enjoy it while I was able.

Otherwise, we spent the day on the couch lounging in pj’s until nearly 4pm this afternoon when we finally showered, dressed, grabbed some grocery items and headed off to a friends house for a movie, dinner, drinks and some board games.

Fun!  But now we’re home, quite a bit after midnight (it’s actually 2.04am Sunday).  So I’m going to cheat and backdate this post so that it appears on Saturday.  After all, it’s only fair, it really is a posting about Saturday! 😉

Hope you’re having / had a great weekend!


24 07 2009

It’s been over three years since I’ve been employed, and to say I’m getting frustrated would be a very large understatement.

I started applying for jobs here a full year before I left Australia, and the three years since.  That’s four years of job hunting.  I’ve had responses, I’ve even had job offers, and offers of “cash under the table”.  But since I require a Work Visa to work here I’ve either been declined for a position, or declined myself.

Accepting a cash job may sound like a good idea, but it’s not.  Very much not!  Not only would it be a breach of my current Visa, which is a Visitor’s one, but if I breach it, which for anyone out there reading, I very much WILL NOT be doing, the consequences are dire.  Immediate deportation, and a life time ban from American soil.   That’s a whole lot of soil, and a large portion of the world marked off limits.  A risk I’m not prepared to take.

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve literally made thousands of job applications, many I’ve never had any return correspondence from, some I have.  The ones I have heard from have sounded promising until I’ve mentioned the requirement to be sponsored for a Work Visa, to which on every occasion I’ve received a polite sorry, no, good luck etc.

Well I’ve had enough.  It’s even more insulting when my own partner tells me that I should just keep applying.  When exactly is enough, enough?

Not only did I put my career, and in some parts my life on hold to give him an opportunity at his own career, I sold my car, a large amount of my belongings, and I’ve been unemployed for over three years.  Without my own income, my savings have steadily dwindled, and I’m bored out of my mind.

So I quite rightly, in my mind I think I’m well within my rights to suggest as much, requested that he start considering either a transfer or resigning and returning to Australia.

You’d have thought I’d asked for a kidney, actually both of them.  It’s not exactly a pleasant experience being made to feel ungrateful, unreasonable and selfish for wanting to actually be able to make a living and have an income to be able to contribute, and be able to purchase things without having to ask, or often beg, for permission.

Even today, just to have lunch with a friend, I had to ask which card (bank) I was allowed to use.  Pretty bloody ridiculous given I’m an adult.  But that’s how it is, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Oh, and it’s always fun being told in public, and often in front of friends, “Well I pay for everything.”  Some day soon my patience will evaporate instantly when I hear that comment and the response may be a punch in the mouth.

I’ve paid, believe me, I’ve paid, and if I had the finances to do so, I’d be on the next plane out of here, and that same person would be on their own, and right now, I can pretty happily tell you, I’d not look back or regret the decision.

If you’re going to treat me like a financial prisoner you may just end up with a mutiny on your hands!


Good and Bad

23 07 2009

Three words:  Wheat Free Pizza

This is a good thing, and a bad thing.  Good because I’ve not had pizza in FOREVER, bad because it’s Pizza, and that’s not necessarily a good thing…


Getting the chop

22 07 2009

There’s still a whole lot of not much going on here, although I did spend a large portion of yesterday going through the mound of boxes in the garage.  It’s a bit like a treasure hunt, you just never know what you’re going to find.

Yesterday, I found all manner of bizarre items hidden in boxes they didn’t belong in, such as framed photos and certificates with a garden saw…  The people who packed when we moved really had no idea, unfortunately it’s too late for us to do anything about it now.

Of course once I found my saw, I immediately got it into my head that I need to prune the trees in the front yard.  Much like my Dad, prune means Bonsai, or at least a slight butchering.  So now all the trees in the front have had their lower limbs removed so that I can mow under them without losing an eye.  Pedestrians can now use the footpath without “going jungle”, and any branch even remotely near the house or guttering has been removed.

Tomorrow I’ll do something similar in the backyard.  The tricky part will be getting rid of it all, right now it’s all been piled on the front lawn, which is already dead at the moment, so I’m not too worried about the grass dying.

Perhaps I’ll call a service that removes yard rubbish.  Yes, that seems most appropriate.

Other than that, I’m sore, I’m tired, and I have another hideously early start tomorrow for Mountain Conditioning at the gym.  Something I’m not looking forward to, but there’s only three classes left, so I guess I’ll just suck it up and go.