Time to acknowledge the signs

1 07 2009

While my back isn’t even remotely sore or uncomfortable after yesterday’s little procedure, my throat is killing me, and I’ve the most heinous throbbing headache I’ve had in a long time.

On the upside though, it’s been a beautiful day, on the downside, while I love the large sky lights in our house during Winter, right now (Summer) they’re turning the house into an oven.

I’ve every door and window in the house open and the fans going blowing all the hot air out of the house as fast as possible.   Fortunately there’s a couple of large trees in the yard that afford of us of quite a lot of shade in the afternoon, so with the current cool breeze the house should be at a comfortable temperature by bed time.  At least I hope so.

Ah well.  Guess I’ll be having myself an early night.  Too many late nights and not enough sleep I believe are why I’m so run down, especially with recent events.

Time to get a handle on it all.  I’m enrolling in a few fitness classes as of next week, and if my friend Lisa has her way, I’ll also be registered for a 5k run.

The thought alone is tiring! 😉




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