Pretty Pretty Princess has a Meltdown

3 07 2009

For the best part of a decade now Mark has proclaimed that the reason he doesn’t help in the garden is because I won’t let him use the power tools, and that he doesn’t know how to use them.

So today, I showed him how to use than and run them.

Not that it mattered, moments into using them, he started complaining that he was tired, sweaty, having a reaction to something and itching, and when I ignored all of that, mentioned he was going to be sick…


Despite the numerous times in the last decade I’ve done it all myself, even the day after flying from Australia to America, he still couldn’t manage it.

At least now he can’t tell anyone I’ve not allowed him to use the tools, or he doesn’t know how to…

Short end of the story…  I got it all finished.  The yards all look civilised again and we’ve had a pretty relaxing afternoon.
Spent primarily with a friend of ours.

All in all a good day.  Although Princess is still tired, despite having a nap.  *sigh*




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