Blessed Air-conditioning

4 07 2009

I know I’ve been out of Australia too long when a string of 32 degree days have me melting and searching high and low for an air-conditioner, and to think, a little over 3 years ago I used to where a suit in this weather, and did it comfortably.

We’ve had a string of hot days this week, and the once lovely skylights in our house have become the bane of our Summer existence.  The house is like an oven.  So we caved in today and purchased a portable air-conditioner, which is running at full power as I type this, trying desperately to suck the hot air out of the house and replace it with cool.  In 4 hours the temperature has dropped about 3 degrees…

Better than nothing I guess.

It’s also Fourth of July here, so we’re in for an early night, the dogs tucked in on their mat, keeping them isolated from the outdoor shenanigans of fireworks, as they’re terrified of them.

So it’ll be a relatively early night for us.

In other news…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!  Have a fantastic day!



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