Day 1 Survival

7 07 2009

Against my own expectations, I survived this mornings gym class.

Not only did I survive the 4am alarm, but I also survived the class.  Well at least I survived this morning, I feel like my body parts are dying slowly as I type this.

Even for someone who’s not a stranger to the gym I’ve discovered muscles I didn’t know existed, and tortured them all in a 90 minute period, and now they’re taking great delight in torturing me back.

You’d think I’d learn, but not 3 hours later I was back at the gym, this time for Physical Therapy, which included another workout at the end.  Therapeutic agony that time, followed by ever so soothing ice packs covering my entire back.  That’s usually the part I hate, but this time I loved it.  LOVED IT!

I’m a little slow this afternoon though, despite grabbing a short nap, so I’m pretty sure that after dinner I’ll not be too far from crawling into bed and calling it a night.

Then back to the gym in the morning, this time with my Trainer.

I think I finally agree with my friends.  I’ve gone mad! 😉




2 responses

7 07 2009

Well Done to get the first day over, But then if its hurting then your doing it right [, power on ]

7 07 2009

Up at 4 am for the gym? You are indeed mad. 😛

Good on you though for having the commitment.

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