Obvious Humour

9 07 2009

Mark had an MRI yesterday.  He’s had a headache for several days and that’s pretty out of character for him.  He usually creates them, as opposed to having them.

My friend Cheryl asked me today how it went.  My reply, “they didn’t find anything…” followed by an evil laugh.
Cheryl thought about that for a moment before laughing.

The jury is still out on the results though, as apparently the scan wasn’t clear due to artifacting, possibly due to his braces.  So he had a CAT scan today.  I could have done that simply by waving the cat over him.  I’m really that helpful.

His headache appears to have gone though, I think the MRI magnet realigned his electrons, or simply the fact he had it soothed his mind, or perhaps the magnets adjusted his polarity.

Otherwise there’s not much else going on.  He’s sitting on the couch right now channel surfing, which is starting to get tedious, and has been there the whole time while I’ve cooked, served, cleaned, sorted the washing, ironed, and am now blogging.  He did thank me for dinner though.  After I pointed out he hadn’t.  He’s quite spontaneous like that.

He keeps telling me I love him.  Perhaps there’s some truth in that.  Any other sane person would have murdered him by now.  My excuse is I’m still looking for the perfect alibi.

Cheerio! 😉



One response

10 07 2009
Gary A

So, if the magnets adjusted his polarity, does Mark now point North or South????? And if the MRI realigned his electrons, is he now AC or DC? 110 V or 240V? Huhhhh??????

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