Friday so soon?

10 07 2009

Wow, another week over, and another week gone in the blink of an eye.

Today was supposed to be my rest day from the gym, but I was too restless, actually wanting to work out, so I did.  Even I’m surprised.  Seems I may have finally gotten my groove back.  If so, I’ll be very happy.

Initially the weekend was going to be one of rest, but tomorrow morning I’ll be hiking up one of the local mountains; Mt Si, and Sunday will be my first game of racquetball in a very long time.  Not quite sure if I’m looking forward to either of these events yet, but I’m sure they’ll be fun.

Otherwise, we spent the evening babysitting my friend Lisa’s girls; Alexandra and Sophia, and we had a great time playing Uno Attack, some Cranium derivative game, and Viva Pinata and RockBand on the xbox.

Not to mention a game of tag around there VERY large house.  Having two stair cases makes for a lot of chasing, up, down, around…  We certainly all got a workout.  Mark got more than he bargained for when he took a corner only to meet a six year old girl who inexplicably was running with her fist out.

All I heard was a groan of pain.  By the time I arrived Mark was hobbling around the lounge room.  The first thought through my head was that he’d broken his foot again.  Not so, he’d been smacked in the balls by said six year old.  Now this is an injury I can totally sympathise with as a man.  But nevertheless it was hilariously funny.

Although, as Mark pointed out, it wouldn’t have been so funny had it been me.  He’s right.  But it wasn’t me.  So it was still funny.

But, as all days do, this one has drawn to a close and now it’s time for bed.  Time to crawl under the new doona (duvet) and linen and sleep.  Can’t wait!




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