Hiking Mount Si

11 07 2009

800px-Mt_si_and_meadowbrook_cowsAfter a relatively late evening last night, we were up early to go hiking.  Something I’ve not done since I was a boy scout, a good 25 years ago.  Wow I’m old! Haha!

Lisa had invited us to join her on a hike of Mount Si, a mountain not too far from where we live.  She warned us it was steep.  In my mind, I never quite envisioned how steep.

I will confess though that less than a mile into the hike I didn’t think I’d make it and wanted to turn back.  I didn’t however, and instead schlepped, swearing under my breath the whole way, the entire 4 miles to the top.

Mark didn’t fair quite so well.  He doesn’t walk far, or often, so not even an hour in his heels had massive blisters on them that got broken from walking.  Even with the bandaids I brought along, and some body glide sport lubricant his shoes still rubbed.  He bitched (quite rightly because of the blisters), and moaned, sometimes a little too excessively, but with encouragement and breaks made it all the way to the top with us.

Lisa and I continued further up the Mountain than Mark as he was unable to continue, so we left him comfortable in the shade while we scrambled up the “Haystack” (3500ft elevation) to take in the view.  We also searched around to find the gravestone of a climber who had fallen and died back in 1989.

The view at the top was awesome, BLOODY awesome, and I have photos to upload later on.

The walk down the mountain was faster by a good 3 hours than the trip up, and now we’re home, where quite honestly I’m too tired to go into too much detail of the events, so this will have to suffice.

I’ve just had a quick shower to wash off all the dirt from the hike, and am now going to climb into a hot bath, full of mineral salts, with a drink, my book, and I’m going to soak.

My calves and knees are killing me.  When Lisa said steep I didn’t quite understand that she meant STEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

We survived though, we’re all legends, and Mark I doubt will ever climb it again, but at least we have the photos to prove he was there. 😉

I’m not so sure I’ll be playing racquetball tomorrow now…

Chat at ya later!

*** Update 12th July 2009
Photographs taken at the top of Mount Si, and one photo taken part way down…

Note:  The photo taken part way down Mount Si, was the first “view” opportunity we saw on the way up the Mountain.  To encourage Mark, Lisa and I encouraged him to come see it.  His response “Ok, I’ve seen it can we go now?”  Haha!  He did eventually make it to the top though.  Good work all of us!




4 responses

12 07 2009

OMG congrats on the climb, I remember when we went to the Dandenongs that day years ago and NONE of us could be buggered walking all the way up that small hill, so you’ve come a long way.

Can’t wait to see the photos.

12 07 2009

Oh yes! I remember that day, and how I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest…
I did mention it to Mark when we got home – lol

13 07 2009

Well Done I am very proud of your will power, to finish may be you had some higher power helping you

15 07 2009

Thats awsome!!

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