Children ask the damndest questions…

15 07 2009

Today I went bowling with my friend Lisa and her six year old daughter Sophia.  As Lisa was dropping her son Benjamin off at his friends house, Sophia and I went to meet her at the bowling alley in my car.

On the way, Sophia asked if Mark was my brother.  I said “No”.  She asked “Then why do you live together?”

I paused, temporarily stumped as to how to address the enquiring mind of my friends child, and then responded “He’s my boyfriend.”

Sophia may be only six, but she’s a bright girl, her response was quick.  “Well, Shelly (Lisa and my friend) is Mum’s girlfriend, and they don’t live together…”

My next tack, was to liken Mark’s and my relationship to that of her parents.  She didn’t quite understand until I explained this; “You know how your Mummy and Daddy are married?”  She answered in the affirmative.  I said, “Well, Mark and I are like that, only we’ve not had the wedding.”
She still didn’t quite understand.  Until I said…

“You know how your Mummy is your Daddy’s wife?”  She said “Yes”.

I said “Well Mark is my wife”.

She looked at me quizzically, and I said “You ask Mark next time you see him”.

Question answered, child’s curiosity sated, and I got a laugh, as did Sophia’s mother Lisa.  Mark on the other hand when I relayed the story to him told me I wasn’t funny.

I disagree… 😉




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23 07 2009


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