Half Blood Prince

19 07 2009

After a big night out playing games, primarily card games with some friends, today was a relatively quiet day, one that saw us heading to the movies to the latest installment in the Harry Potter series; Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

The best part about today, other than the movie of course, was that we got to see the movie as guests of our Orthodontist, Dr Soper of Advanced Orthodontics.  To show their appreciation to their patients, we were all treated to an afternoon of Harry Potter at the cinema.  The treatment at the clinic is awesome in itself, to take us to the movies is incredible!  Dr Soper was dressed in character and spent the wait time prior to the movie taking photos with all the patients.  Fun!

The movie seemed a little rushed for my liking, but I’m prepared to overlook that primarily because it’d be almost impossible to include every nuance from the book.  Otherwise I loved it.

Which is a bonus, as I believe I’ll be seeing it at least two more times in the coming weeks.  Once with a friend whose whole family has already seen it, so she has no one to go with, and again when it comes out at the Imax theatres with a 3D portion.  Mark wants to see it again.

Good times!



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19 07 2009

That was a very nice thing to do for you sound like a nice man

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