Hades, A practice run

27 07 2009

I was born and bred in Australia, spent my first 33 years there, survived the Summers, drought, and often while wearing a suit (for work), and sweltering it out for nearly a decade driving a car where the only air conditioning were the windows, and yet here I am in Seattle, Washington, melting.

Today was one of the hottest days I’ve experienced since I’ve been here, 42 degrees Celsius at one point, not too bad when there’s a light breeze, and with the knowledge that when the sun goes down, the temperature goes down with it.  That is the outdoor temperature.

For the first time in my life, I’m living in a house where the internal temperature has peaked (today) at 40 degrees Celsius.  I’m melting, and so are the cats.  They’ve spent the entire day sucking up as much water as I can pour into their bowls, and lying spread out flat like road kill on the floor boards in the coolest part of the house, the hallway.

I’ve spent the day in front of the fan, misting myself with a spray bottle.  I’d kill for an air conditioner about now.

On the upside though…  My orchids have never looked so good.  Whereas I usually water them every 10 days, now I’m watering them every 2, and they’re flourishing.

So at least some good has come from it all.

For the rest of us non-orchid organisms…  I’m going to be on the phone tomorrow organising for companies to come to the house to quote on installing blinds in the skylights, in an effort to block the sunshine that’s heating the house up so quickly.  Sourcing prices on air conditioners and doing everything I can to stay cool, which at this point means skipping gym in the morning in favour of sleeping in while it’s cool, then going to the gym in the afternoon at the peak of the heat and working out in relative air conditioned comfort.

First steps first, covering the skylights.  This is just the third day in what is about to be a spate of the hottest days this state has experienced in a while.

To give you a clue…  Mark has just received an email from Microsoft advising that the office buildings have all reached their cooling output maximums, and staff are required to close blinds on windows, and switch off all non essential items in an effort to minimise extra heat.

The highlight of today was grocery shopping.  Mark and I both stood in front of the ice-cream freezer with the doors open while reading all the labels and bathing in the frosty coolness.  😉

Hooroo I’m off to spritz and perch in front of the fan again.




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