My Own Private MacGuyver

28 07 2009

I’ve bitched and moaned the last few days about how hot the house has been in the recent spate of weather here in Washington.  Weather that has been record breaking hot, and last night/early this morning I had enough.

When the house was still 28 degrees Celsius at 4am and I was still awake because of the heat I finally decided to take action.

So, once I finally woke after 10am, incidentally making making myself late for Physical Therapy and the ice packs they cover me in at the end, something I used to hate, but in this weather I LOVE, and after being pummeled, I drove as fast (and safely) as I could to the hardware store to source something to solve my problems.

Ultimately I’d love to have bought an air conditioner, but right now that’s not ideal, as we’re considering remodeling the house and it’d be a waste of money.

Today though, while browsing all the shelves and considering my options I located a huge roll of silver bubble material, the same sort of stuff that is used for sunscreen shades in cars.  Perfect in my mind for skylights.  So a large wide roll (incidentally, the only one in the store) in my arms, I wandered off to find the biggest, heaviest duty roll of roofing tape I could find.

As soon as I got home, I grabbed the ladder, climbed up on the roof, and whereas I’d normally be very particular about where I put my feet so as not to fall through, or fall off, today I couldn’t have cared less.   If I’d fallen off, at least the hospital would be air conditioned – hehe.

Short story, although it may be too late for that now…   The roll of silver bubble material, ended up being (and I promise I never measured, I simply eyeballed it) ended up being the exact perfect width, and length for all three skylights, with absolutely no waste.  The tape was perfect for the application, and while my feet were cramping from the weird pitch(angle) of the roof, and I the sweat was pouring off me from the heat, the house has been now plunged into darkness and already feels cooler.  Although I think the interior temperature for the moment is more a mind trick because of how dark the house is now.

All that being said, I’m pretty sure the internal temperature will be a lot more comfortable now and the cats will resume their normal shapes rather than their current melted puddles of fur on the floor.

Yay me!  I’m pretty damn happy with myself right now, and it all cost less than $40.  Much cheaper than blinds for the skylights, and the obligitory wait for the quote and installation.

I’m going to go shower, and perch in front of a fan for a little while.




2 responses

28 07 2009

Well Done now I hope you can cool off & get some sleep , miss you xoxo

29 07 2009

Nice work !
its amazing what you can do with bubble rap and sticky tape 😉 xx

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