Too. Hot. To. Type.

29 07 2009

Seattle broke it’s temperature record today.  With a recorded high of 105.F (40.5C), the highest temperature since temperatures began being recorded.

All I can say is that I’m BLOODY happy I covered the skylights today as the house while still exceptionally hot, took a lot longer to get to it’s highest temperature than it has on previous days.  Now all we need is an air conditioner, that is if we can find one.  Every air conditioner within a 50 mile radius has been purchased.

It’s sheer insanity.  Although admittedly I’ve experienced hotter temperatures in Australia, but that’s a country that’s equipped for this sort of weather.  Not so here.

Fortunately the sun is lower in the sky now, there’s a breeze and the temperature is dropping, so all the windows are open now, fans on, plants watered, dogs pool emptied and refilled and said dogs hosed down.  I’ve even contemplated soaking the cats, but I’m not so sure that’ll lower their stress levels any, nor mine if I think about it. 😉


Slight update…

We’ve spent the last 20 minutes throwing treats into the dog pool and watching the dogs “bob for treats” and in doing so cooling themselves off, and once they were done, I put the cats in the pool too.  They resisted a little, but not as much as I expected.  You could almost hear their minds calculating “Eek, this is water, panic…  But it’s so cool…  Hmmm, dilemma.”




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