Therapeutic Torture

6 08 2009

Or Physical Therapy (PT) as it’s accurately known…   I’ve been having regular sessions of PT for quite some time now, initially for some injuries I sustained last year.  Shin splints, stress fractures, herniated disk…  The price you pay for getting fit.

Recently though, I’ve been having it to address ongoing back issues.  Primarily, a lack of flexibility.  A complete lack.

Over the last three weeks though, my flexibility has improved markedly.  I’m not going to be doing back flips in the near future, but it’s certainly nice to have improved posture, and increased range of motion.

It’s been pretty painful in some instances though.  Massage that includes the manipulation of knotted muscles and tight tendons is pretty “ouchy”.

But it’s all paying off.

Tomorrow will see me partaking in my first ever session of Pilates, with a 55 minute one on one session.  Just me and the Pilates instructor.  I hope I like it, as I’ve already bought a package for 10 more sessions.

Yoga could be next.  We’ll see…