Bula from Fiji

12 08 2009

Well this is day two on the island, and day 1 with Internet access, and that’s just perfect.

Yesterday was a day full of time spent in the pool, in the sun, and perched at the in-pool bar.  I hate my life.  *laugh*

The flight here was pretty brilliant too.  Actually they both were.  On the flight from Seattle to Los Angeles we identified that the woman sitting next to us on the plan was also going to be on our second flight, the one from Los Angeles to Fiji.  What are the chances?

The long flight, a little over 11 hours from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji was great.  The plane was an older one, the food quite average, but the flight was under booked.  In fact, it was so empty that it departed early, and we all had our choice of seating once on board.  Essentially, I had a row of 4 seats to myself, Mark’s brother Ben also had a row of 4 seats, while Mark elected to stay in our original seating allocation, and had 3 seats.

So we all managed to at least get several hours sleep in a horizontal position on the way here.   A bonus really considering we landed at 5.50am Fiji time.

A very frightening drive 120 minute drive from the airport to the Resort was to follow…  A drive that paused at the halfway mark for the drive to caffeinate himself.  Just as we recommenced the journey, a journey that had already seen us dicing with death as the driver attempted to overtake slow moving vehicles, and a very marginally faster pace, irregardless of oncoming traffic… the driver advised me that he was glad to have the coffee as he could barely keep his eyes open.

I very quickly countered with “If you’re too tired I’m VERY happy to drive.”  He laughed, and said “It’s only another hour.”

I countered… “Ok then, you drive 30 minutes, and I’ll drive the rest.”

He did all the driving.  The Gods smiled.  We arrived in one piece.

Oh, it should also be added, that for the vehicle to drive a straight line the steering wheel was turned 75% of it’s revolution (to the right).  The driver had his left foot folded up underneath him, and repeatedly leant down to reach into a bag on the floor as the car veered across the road, and to add to the degree of difficulty, random organic life forms stepped out in front of the vehicle.  Dogs, cows, horses, Fijians…

Ok, I’m going to conclude this entry, and pick up tomorrow (today, as I’m a day behind…).