Congratulations to the Newly Weds

14 08 2009

Well today is day 3 in Fiji and I’m still loving it.  Even the not so comfortable new pink colour that I’ve taken on today, even that’s great.  Especially now that I’ve showered, rubbed “After Sun” lotion into it, and am sitting under the air conditioner.

Today was the day of the big family wedding, Mark’s brother Adam and his fiancee Nicole tied the knot today, and it was amazing.  Nicole arrived for her wedding on a Fijiian raft, escorted by Fijiian Warriors and the ceremony took place under the palm trees, in the sun.  Just fantastic.

Celebrations all round, followed by a dip in the pool for the Wedding guests to refresh and cool off before the post Reception.

Of course now though, it’s bed time for us.

Congratulations Adam and Nicole, the day was amazing and we’re so glad we were here to share it with you.

Now best get to bed, I’ve a 2.5 hour Massage, wrap, milk bath in the morning…  The sooner I get to sleep, the sooner the morning will be here!

G’night from Fiji! 🙂