Siren Song of the Island

15 08 2009

It’s morning in Fiji, and the skies are an ominous blue black colour, and it looks like it’s raining heavily in the distance.  In fact, it rained most of the night, but this morning, everything smells and looks clean, refreshed, and ready for a new day.

The tide is currently out, so the reef out the front of the resort which is usually deep under water currently has locals and visitors picking their way across it either harvesting or admiring.

The sound of the surf in the distance breaking on the outer atoll of the reef is uber relaxing, as are the tropical birds singing outside.

It’s looking like another awesome day, and it will be.  Firstly it’ll be a buffet breakfast, then I’m going to head to the gym, then off for 2.5hours of pampering pleasure Fiji style.

*happy dance*

Vinaka to the Fijian gods!