The Excitement Continues

16 08 2009

We had an early start to the day today as we’d booked ourselves a Jetskiing adventure and Safari.

Adventure, and Safari it most definitely was, and we’re both exhausted.

I’ve found a new hobby, and discovered I’m a bit of a natural at navigating a Skidoo across the ocean at high speed, complete with hard bends etc.  I even managed to get air borne several times, and LOVED IT!

According to my GPS watch, we Jetskiid 48’ish kilometres in total.

From the main island, we travelled to a small island 18 km’s away where we stopped to snorkel for an hour, an experience which was like swimming through the movie Finding Nemo.  Every fish we saw in the film, we saw in real life today, along with amazing corals, Parrot Fish, and other fish I have no idea what the names of were, all I know is that the colours of fish, water and coral were amazing.  Just like a box of Derwents blew up under water.

After snorkelling we had lunch, I learnt how to husk a fresh coconut, a job that is markedly more difficult than our guide made it look.  Although he assures me that with practice it gets easier.  I did however persevere and finished what I started.

Then back on the Skidoo’s and off around the island, and across to another larger one, where all the sights were pointed out, then we hightailed it back to the start of our adventure.

Of course there were mini adventures all along the way…

Mark was much slower on the water than myself and our guide, which only made it more fun for me.  Periodically I’d look over my shoulder and see that he’d dropped back, so I’d slow down and allow him to catch up, then grin and take off again at full throttle.  So much fun.

Oh, and at one stage in the middle of the ocean we all turned our engines off for a bit to rest, before taking off again.  Everyone took off, except me.  My engine wouldn’t start, a situation that I can’t say I was overly impressed with, especially when I realised that Mark and our Guide hadn’t realised.  Although Mark finally realised and came back for me.  Just as he arrived my engine started, I opened the throttle to full, spun a huge high speed circle and took off after our guide, who later told me he thought I’d played a prank on Mark and enticed him back only to race off on him.  I explained it was a mechanical fault, and while I have the capacity to be that evil, I really wasn’t.  😉

Finally back, we showered, changed and returned to our resort, where right now, and even as I type this, my arms are protesting.  Every muscle I have is aching and protesting, and my forearms are cramping with simply typing this post.

Oh, one point of excitement and contention of our drive to the Jetski’s…

Along the road our driver slowed down and said “This is where the gunmen hide”.

My blood turned to ice, but I kept quiet.  I think the driver noticed the change in the atmosphere of the car, so explained.  The Police with their radar guns…


G’night all, I’m tuckered out! 🙂

*Photos will follow eventually when I get home.



One response

17 08 2009

OMG I can’t wait to see your photos from Your trip. It all sounds so amazing.

In the imortal words of Liz Lemon: I want to go to there!

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