Almost time to say goodbye…

17 08 2009

Today was our last full day and evening in Fiji, and it’s going to be mighty sad to leave.

To make sure I got the most out of my day though, I was up early, hit the gym, showered, breakfasted, spent the morning taking photos (on my film SLR no less), checked out the local village shops, a row of corrugated iron sheds, with merchandise in them, and a sign out the front reading “International Macy’s”.  (Macy’s is a large store in USA.)

Then back to the Resort for a SCUBA diving lesson (AMAZING!!!!), during which I discovered there are some things that you’re best left ignorant of, namely the things that float under water in a communal pool.  The SCUBA lesson was held in the pool.

I also learnt that laughing while under water is not recommended. 

As part of our SCUBA lesson we were taught how to remove water from our goggles, while under water, and how to retrieve our regulators (the mouth piece for air) while under water, reinsert them in our mouth and clear any water that they’d gathered.  Mark struggled with emptying his mask, and the face he pulled was hilarious, and Danielle his sister nearly inflated her head clearing the water from her retrieved regulator.  VERY FUNNY!  You really had to be there, under water to understand.  At the point these things happened, I nearly choked and drowned when I forgot I was under water, and unable to laugh on tank air.   A very weird, and rapidly sobering experience.

From SCUBA it was off to grab a bite of lunch, then off to do some kayaking.  I paddled around a small island on the resort to visit with my nephew Taylor who was snorkelling.  He wanted to join me, so I let him climb up on the front of my kayak.  A move which saw him promptly capsizing both of us.  Again, very funny.  I soon had us righted and took him for a quick trip before returning him to the shallows, and paddling back around the island to return the kayak.

Then…  Back to some more photography, write out and post some postcards, finalise some gift shopping, dinner with Mark’s brother Ben, more photography (about 9 rolls so far), of the sun setting.  Then returning to our room to start packing.

During which all the siblings and partners came to our room where we had drinks.  They brought their unused Duty Free purchases, and we supplied the bottle of Champagne we received at the start of the trip, that until this evening had been nestled in our mini bar fridge.  All of that, and a bag of BBQ flavoured potato chips, and the coconut that I husked yesterday on an island during our Jetskiing safari.  Alida (Mark’s sister) dug into it with a knife to get the milk out, then managed to crack it open before I smashed it open properly on the side of the Hotel building to reveal the juicy white, and exceptionally sweet (after all it literally fell off the tree only yesterday, before I husked it and brought it back to the Hotel), we then spent the best part of an hour with a butter knife gouging the flesh out to share.

The evening culminated in a frenzied session of photo taking.  Everyone had their cameras, everyone had to have a group shot, so everyone commenced trying to get the time delays working, while dashing across the room to pile onto the day bed for the photos to be taken.  Very funny!  Many laughs, and I’m sure our neighbours are very happy it’s all over and everyone has returned to their rooms.

Overall a great day, a great trip, and while it’s sad, it really is time to return home.

Fingers crossed there are no Immigration issues at Los Angeles tomorrow.  That part of any overseas trip is always a stressful one.

Bula from Fiji! 🙂



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