A little listless… But a great night all the same!

20 08 2009

You could say I’m jetlagged…  I didn’t get to bed until almost 5.30 this morning, partly due to my body clock being stuck on Fiji time, and partly because my Tivo had captured me and held me captive.  So many things to watch…

So today I’ve been a very tired individual.

I did however manage to see Julie & Julia tonight.  Despite reviews that I’d heard to the contrary.  I loved the movie.

Amy Adams captured perfectly the angst of someone at a career/life crossroads, and that of someone entering into the world of blogging and then feeling responsible to her readers and a set goal.  Been there, Still there…

The only reviews that I heard that were accurate, were that Meryl Streep was amazing, she was!!!  Also, that the movie was Food Porn.  That it was also.

To make the evening even better, we saw the movie at Village Gold Class in Redmond, where we also got to enjoy a cooking class.  The Executive Chef of the venue gave us all a brief history of his entrance to the culinary world through seeing Julia Child on television, and demonstrated two recipes.  Cucumber Soup and Chocolate Truffles.

We tried both of these, along with a Satay Beef Skewer and a Cookie combination.  All of that, combined with a couple of glasses of wine, the movie itself, which I can’t impress enough, was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT made for a great evening.

Oh, and to cap it off.  For the first time in about six visits to the Cinema, everything went smoothly.  There were no problems with food and drink orders, no interruptions, and no quizzing over the final bill at the end.

Colour me impressed.  Impressed enough that I made sure the Night Manager knew that we were happy.  Every other time we’ve been dissatisfied and have been compensated.  This time we were happy.  No compensation required this time, other than the evening being great.

I feel inspired to cook now, or write, or both.  Perhaps something else inspired…

I’ll have to have a think.  Until then though, I’m ready for bed.

Good night world!  Or, to quote Julia and Julie…

Bon Appetit!