UGH! A thousand times UGH!

26 08 2009

I decided to do some gardening today.  Primarily trimming back the neighbours tree that is overhanging our yard and stunting the growth of an established Magnolia tree in our yard.

I made sure I had the right tools, bowsaw, telescoping tree pruner and saw etc.  Everything was going according to plan, until I started.

The tree in question, from our vantage point from the house looks lush and bushy, from the fence line, it’s exactly that, except for one thing.  There is absolutely no foliage covered part of the tree in the neighbours yard from whence it’s grown.  The only part they have is the trunk.  Ugh!

So we’re stuck cutting it back and removing all the cut off branches, and they’ve nothing to deal with but a trunk.

I’d love to throw all the branches back over the fence into their yard, sadly the law here states that if it’s on my side it’s my problem.  Damn!

Of course, since it’s a large tree, the job is a lot bigger than I first imagined, and our backyard is now completely unusable for the time being as it’s covered in branches, and I’ve only cut off 4 so far.  There’s stacks more to go.

I should have left it alone, or set fire to it all.  Oh well.

At least when it’s all done the yard will  be clearer.  Although tomorrow I’ll be on the phone getting quotes from professional arborists.  There are other trees that need pruning, higher up than I can safely reach, and I figure if I hire someone, they’ll clean up after themselves and remove the branches, I’ll certainly be making sure if we hire someone that that is part of the service.

So for the time being tomorrow will be spent cutting everything up into smaller pieces to move it out to the front of the house onto the current pile of branches from the front trees.

Everything here was WAY over due for pruning, all the trees are established and were overhanging footpaths, our fences and gates, and the house itself, which of course means all the leaves were falling into the gutters.

Home owning…  Have to love it!