Ghost or Doppleganger?

30 09 2009

Or maybe it was really him…  But I doubt it.

A little over a year ago my cat, my boy, Mulder vanished.  Taken by a Coyote, and very sadly missed.

Tonight, while putting the bins out there was a black cat out the front of our house.  Now I’m fairly sure it wasn’t him, but my heart did do a little leap, and I was caught off guard enough to call his name.  The cat of course ran the other way, but that wasn’t before my mind tried to convince me that he’d been gone for a year and perhaps was timid.

A happy little fantasy, sadly Mulder had Kidney Disease, and I’m pretty sure even had he only been missing, that he’d have passed away by now.  But I can guarantee you, if he suddenly showed up on the doorstep I’d be very, very happy.

That’s about it for excitement for today.   The only other thing going on was I spent the day chewing on Antihistamines to treat the hives I woke up with this morning, courtesy of the wheat I had last night.  You’d think I’d know better, especially given I’m aware that I’m allergic to Wheat.  Dammit!

Time to rest now though.  Hooroo!

Bonfire Anyone?

29 09 2009

It’s been another day of pruning, cutting, sawing, stomping (to make branches fit in the bin), raking, cleaning, more cutting etc. and the end is still nowhere in site.

I swear that the plants in the garden here haven’t been pruned or tended since they were planted back when the house was built in 1972.  It’s sheer insanity.

At least I can see there’s some form of progress being made, slowly, but surely, yet there’s still so much more to do before the full rains of the Autumn season begin, once they kick in it’s not going to be very dry for quite some time.  Right now the skies are black, and lets just say, there’s no necessity for me to be outside watering the plants right now.

Back to it tomorrow, rain or shine.  I’m hoping for shine.

Fingers crossed!

Out on the Town with the Melbournites

28 09 2009

We’ve just got home from dinner out in Seattle with some friends who are visiting from Melbourne, and it was nice to get all the gossip on our home town and spend a quiet evening where everyone at the table understood each other as we all have the same accent.

Good fun! 

Scott and Leandro, have a safe flight and we’ll be seeing you again in the near’ish future! 🙂

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

27 09 2009

That was the name of the movie we watched this afternoon, and in comparison to the one we watched last night, it was excellent.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a cute film, primarily aimed at children but clever enough to entertain the adults, and entertained I was. 🙂

Good 3D fun!

Go see it!

A Trip to the Emergency Room

26 09 2009

Well today’s certainly been an interesting one.  It started off pretty slowly, I slept in, then went to watch a friends daughter play soccer, then came home to have some lunch.

Just in time for Mark to try and amputate his own thumb.

It’s not quite that drastic.  He’d bought some bagels and was trying to slice one in half.  He had the bagel in one hand, bread knife in the other, placed the blade to the bagel, looked away to watch television, and pulled the knife back across his thumb rather than the bagel.

Unfortunately for him, we have uber sharp knives, luckily he didn’t bleed on his bagel.

He managed to cut throw his thumb nail and a substantial part of the meaty tip of his thumb.  Nice work.

Fortunately I was here when he did it, so after washing it, applying a bandage and some pressure, I locked up the house, loaded him in the car and drove him to the Emergency room where he received a very painful injection of a local anaesthetic to his thumb, a Tetanus injection, and received 3 stitches.

That was several hours ago now, and I’ve just made him take some painkillers, he didn’t want them initially, that was until I explained that given the passing of 4 hours sensation would probably be returning to his hand pretty soon.  He complied, and now is tucked back up on the couch watching television.  Just in time for a dull throb to kick in.  He’ll live, the Doctor has even “super glued” (dermabonded) his finger nail to keep it in place.

It’s going to be a long night.  For any of his family members reading, he’s ok, the stitches will be out in 10 days and he has to keep it dry. 

We did eventually have lunch though, around 4pm.  When I, the “responsible” adult in residence, cut his bagel for him. 😉  I already have to open jars for him, now I’m also Chief Bagel Cutter… 😉

It’s been a looooong day.

Rest Time

25 09 2009

It’s been a long day.  A huge Pilates workout which was a lot of fun, but now I’m sore, and somehow, not Pilates related I’ve managed to over stretch a tendon in my left ankle.

So now I’m going to sit down with a drink and numb it orally.

Have a great weekend and GO THE CATS!

The Traffic Gods Suck!

24 09 2009

We’ve not long arrived home from bowling, and that’s another story, but one that can be summed up by something I said during the night when asked how I was bowling… “I suck so hard that if it wasn’t for me there’d be no gravity..”

So that in mind I really shouldn’t have been surprised that on the drive home, a drive that usually has perhaps 15 traffic signals on it, I got stuck at what felt like 200 red lights.

I got stuck at every single FREAKING red light on the trip home.

GRRRR!  Oh well, at least I’m home now, and off to bed, hopefully tomorrow I’ll get all greens…

More McScary than McHappy

23 09 2009

The picture says it all, and that’s scary enough.  Thanks goes to Brad for providing the material for todays post.


Walking on Sunshine

22 09 2009

Well at least walking under it.   Seattle put on a spectacular day today, for what was supposed to be the first day of Autumn it was more Summer like, and I loved it.

Not that I was at all productive, in fact I wasn’t, although this afternoon I did replace one of the lavendar’s I planted last week that died (12 out of 13 survived that’s not too bad), moved one of the hedge plants as I wasn’t happy with where I put it originally, watered all the gardens, cleaned the laundry that the cats seem to take great delight in destroying on a daily basis (it’s essentially their meal room and bathroom area), and managed to fit in Physical Therapy (which now that my back is improving is more of a torturous workout) and coffee with a friend.

Hmm, so actually it sounds more productive than I first gave myself credit for, although I know it could have been a lot more productive again.  Oh well.

Now I can relax in front of the fan for a while and have an early evening as tomorrow morning, bright and early I’m off to play tennis for the first time in six years.  The last time I played was when I was living in St Kilda back in Australia and used to play nightly with my friend Pete. 

So, first game will e at 7.30am and then another one later in the day sometime.


Yamuna huh?

21 09 2009

I’ve been doing Pilates for a few weeks now and am finally back pain free, which I’m loving, so it’s fair to say I’m a fan and supporter of the Pilates regime these days.

However, I still have limited rotation in my left arm from an old injury.  I’ve had lots of Physical Therapy for it, and there’s not been much improvement.  So I asked Derik my Pilates Instructor if he had anything in his “bag of tricks”.  Turns out he does.  Amongst his many talents he’s also a proficient Yamuna Body Roller.

Now I don’t know much about the Yamuna Body Rolling process yet, other than I recently had to stand on two half balls, and make small movements.  Sounds easy, but it hurt like you wouldn’t believe.  So it was with surprise that we took the same half ball (it’s about the size of a golf ball), placed it between my elbow and the wall and started applying pressure, and moving it to different positions progressively.  Now I’ve only done it once so far, and I still have limited movement, but I’m excited to see what the progression is.  If it’s anything like Pilates has been, I’m expecting big things.

All in all though it’s something new to add to the exercise regime which as of this week, my second week pain free, will start increasing each day until I’m back to my original health levels.  Something I can’t wait for as over the last 12 months, with injuries, stress, LOTS of travel I’ve put on some of the weight I’ve lost.  Not happy, but it’s on it’s way out of here.

That does call for me to be in bed early, so I’m outta here.