Something smells like sh*t

4 09 2009

Quite possibly it’s the truckload of compost I had delivered to the house today.  Thick black, nutrient filled and “fragrant”, the gardens aren’t going to know what hit them, and the worms are going to have a party.

From what I can tell from the gardens in their present state (for some) and earlier state (the ones I’ve repaired) the soil hasn’t been worked or added to since the house was built nearly 40 years ago.  In fact it’s a miracle anything grows in it.

Except for today.  I’ve dug out one garden, then put in 10 wheelbarrow loads of fresh, steaming and warm compost, christened my power cultivator and mixed it all in and planted a pile of lavender to fill the holes in a patchy miniature hedge, and then Mark and I went out and bought almost 2000 plant bulbs.  So come next Spring the gardens will be amass with tulips, hyacinth, crocus, daffodils and other amazing, bright flowers.  It’s a shame I can’t wind the clock forward now.

I do have to confess though, that after Pilates this morning, followed by shovelling, digging, planting and other assorted garden type actions I’m exhausted.  So it’s time to pour a drink, and hit the couch.