Cougars, Coyotes and Bears

7 09 2009

Oh my!

I know I’ve written previously about the wildlife that lives in the area around our house, but it appears it’s all out and about in the streets again.

Last year, sadly, I lost my beloved Mulder (cat) to a Coyote, at the time the neighbours mentioned that in the last 5 years a Cougar had been sited at the Park that we now live across the road from.

Today’s paper had an article detailing the capture of a 2-3 year old Cougar at Seattle’s Discovery Park, the cat was re-released into the mountains, a second one was unfortunately hit and killed by a car on the freeway, about 5 minutes walking distance from our home.  Yours too Brad, if you’re reading this.

An interesting side note, the Cougar that was killed was only 3kg’s lighter than Mark.  That’s a big kitty!

Very sad, but it does hit home again the fact that we live so close to nature, and in an area that in the not too distant past was a forest.

As for the Bear…  My friend Lisa has seen one while out on a bike ride.

There’s just so much to be on the look out for when you’re out and about.

All that being said, I think I need to go on a hike in the near future…