Let the clearing begin!

15 09 2009

The big bin arrived yesterday as I’ve previously mentioned, sadly too late in the afternoon for me to make any use of it.

Today was a super busy day too which meant that it again sat empty.  So much for having to get it delivered in a hurry.

Between having Physical Therapy, Having the wires from my braces removed at the Orthodontist, then going to the Dentist to have my teeth cleaned, followed by a session of Pilates, and then straight off to pick Mark up from work, the day was god ne in a flash.

So when I finally got home to quenchy my own thirst for productivity I moved all the c ut branches that have been lying on the front lawn for nearly a month.  I now have a lawn again!


Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.  First thing will be a visit back to the Orthodontist to have new wires put on my teeth and adjustment of my braces, which will require my eating a few Ibuprofen before I go, then I’ll be back in the garden cutting up the huge pile of branches in the backyard and putting them in the bin, then pruning the rest of the garden, removing old plants etc.  It’ll definitely not be finished tomorrow, but at least things are finally happening.

The real prize at the end, aside from having the gardens all looking nice (or at least better) finally, is that I’ve told Mark for all the labour I’ve put in and money I’ve saved by not hiring a gardener, I’m going to go have a pamper day of massage at the gym.

I think I’ll have earned it! 🙂