Neighbourhood Watch…

16 09 2009

Or borderline stalk…

Our neighbours on the whole are lovely, and the ones across the road are too, but one in particular has a very keen interest in EVERYTHING that happens in the street.

She’s been watching me prune the trees in my yard and has interrogated me on what I’m doing or whether I’m removing them or not, and made clear that she thinks I should keep them all.  I don’t necessarily agree, but on recent research have discovered this may be the cheaper option as the local government for the area we live in are Tree Nazis.  Apparently you’re not even allowed to prune without a permit.  Oops!

For the record, I’m a visitor in this country, and if that doesn’t fly.  I’m pleading the 5th.

Today she came across to ascertain why I had a large bin in my driveway, and to see if I was going to start remodelling the house or removing the trees.  She was very insistent, so I was very pointed when I explained that the bin was for the garden refuse and clippings from a recent tidy up, and the bin was the smallest I could get that would allow mixed content.


She is lovely though, and I very much plan on staying on her good side.  Especially after she recanted all the tales of previous owners of our house and the “strange and unacceptable” things they did, and that she’d “been a good neighbour” and checked on the man that lives nextdoor to us to see if he was still alive as she hadn’t seen him, and that he had a bad back.

At least I know should I ever die in the house, the cats won’t be left to feed on me for too long before she intervenes.

Here’s to happy relations…

Oh, in other news, I’m still having computer issues, so if I’ve not replied to your emails, please be patient.