Branching out

18 09 2009

Or I Saw an Eyesore…

I’ve spent nearly the entire day today in the garden clearing up the branches from our kind neighbours tree.

It’s a huge tree, and the only portion of it that is actually in the neighbours yard is the trunk.  To further annoy me, the branches are some sort of crack addicts bonsai nightmare.

Not only are they huge, but they grow at least 2 metres in one direction, before doubling back on themselves, turning right, then left, a spiral here, it’s just sheer insanity.

Insanity to the point I’m fantasising about blowing it out of the ground with some form of explosive.  Sadly, I’m a little more responsible than that, so have been attacking it armed with a pair of secateurs and a bow saw.

Grrrr!  One day, one day…  It’ll be all gone.

Better get back to it, but needed a break and a rant!