Walking on Sunshine

22 09 2009

Well at least walking under it.   Seattle put on a spectacular day today, for what was supposed to be the first day of Autumn it was more Summer like, and I loved it.

Not that I was at all productive, in fact I wasn’t, although this afternoon I did replace one of the lavendar’s I planted last week that died (12 out of 13 survived that’s not too bad), moved one of the hedge plants as I wasn’t happy with where I put it originally, watered all the gardens, cleaned the laundry that the cats seem to take great delight in destroying on a daily basis (it’s essentially their meal room and bathroom area), and managed to fit in Physical Therapy (which now that my back is improving is more of a torturous workout) and coffee with a friend.

Hmm, so actually it sounds more productive than I first gave myself credit for, although I know it could have been a lot more productive again.  Oh well.

Now I can relax in front of the fan for a while and have an early evening as tomorrow morning, bright and early I’m off to play tennis for the first time in six years.  The last time I played was when I was living in St Kilda back in Australia and used to play nightly with my friend Pete. 

So, first game will e at 7.30am and then another one later in the day sometime.