A Trip to the Emergency Room

26 09 2009

Well today’s certainly been an interesting one.  It started off pretty slowly, I slept in, then went to watch a friends daughter play soccer, then came home to have some lunch.

Just in time for Mark to try and amputate his own thumb.

It’s not quite that drastic.  He’d bought some bagels and was trying to slice one in half.  He had the bagel in one hand, bread knife in the other, placed the blade to the bagel, looked away to watch television, and pulled the knife back across his thumb rather than the bagel.

Unfortunately for him, we have uber sharp knives, luckily he didn’t bleed on his bagel.

He managed to cut throw his thumb nail and a substantial part of the meaty tip of his thumb.  Nice work.

Fortunately I was here when he did it, so after washing it, applying a bandage and some pressure, I locked up the house, loaded him in the car and drove him to the Emergency room where he received a very painful injection of a local anaesthetic to his thumb, a Tetanus injection, and received 3 stitches.

That was several hours ago now, and I’ve just made him take some painkillers, he didn’t want them initially, that was until I explained that given the passing of 4 hours sensation would probably be returning to his hand pretty soon.  He complied, and now is tucked back up on the couch watching television.  Just in time for a dull throb to kick in.  He’ll live, the Doctor has even “super glued” (dermabonded) his finger nail to keep it in place.

It’s going to be a long night.  For any of his family members reading, he’s ok, the stitches will be out in 10 days and he has to keep it dry. 

We did eventually have lunch though, around 4pm.  When I, the “responsible” adult in residence, cut his bagel for him. 😉  I already have to open jars for him, now I’m also Chief Bagel Cutter… 😉

It’s been a looooong day.