Bonfire Anyone?

29 09 2009

It’s been another day of pruning, cutting, sawing, stomping (to make branches fit in the bin), raking, cleaning, more cutting etc. and the end is still nowhere in site.

I swear that the plants in the garden here haven’t been pruned or tended since they were planted back when the house was built in 1972.  It’s sheer insanity.

At least I can see there’s some form of progress being made, slowly, but surely, yet there’s still so much more to do before the full rains of the Autumn season begin, once they kick in it’s not going to be very dry for quite some time.  Right now the skies are black, and lets just say, there’s no necessity for me to be outside watering the plants right now.

Back to it tomorrow, rain or shine.  I’m hoping for shine.

Fingers crossed!



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