Ghost or Doppleganger?

30 09 2009

Or maybe it was really him…  But I doubt it.

A little over a year ago my cat, my boy, Mulder vanished.  Taken by a Coyote, and very sadly missed.

Tonight, while putting the bins out there was a black cat out the front of our house.  Now I’m fairly sure it wasn’t him, but my heart did do a little leap, and I was caught off guard enough to call his name.  The cat of course ran the other way, but that wasn’t before my mind tried to convince me that he’d been gone for a year and perhaps was timid.

A happy little fantasy, sadly Mulder had Kidney Disease, and I’m pretty sure even had he only been missing, that he’d have passed away by now.  But I can guarantee you, if he suddenly showed up on the doorstep I’d be very, very happy.

That’s about it for excitement for today.   The only other thing going on was I spent the day chewing on Antihistamines to treat the hives I woke up with this morning, courtesy of the wheat I had last night.  You’d think I’d know better, especially given I’m aware that I’m allergic to Wheat.  Dammit!

Time to rest now though.  Hooroo!