Where for at thou common sense?

6 10 2009

Apparently I didn’t think through the whole concept of getting back into the gym in a big way.

It all sounded good theory.  A full body workout twice a week, pilates another two days a week with the option to do cardio on the fifth day and rest on the weekend.

But, I didn’t check my schedule properly.  It works perfectly this week.  Next week and the rest of the month, the class and Pilates fall on the same days, and I can’t change them.


I can barely walk today from yesterdays class, and Pilates was a bit “ouchy” because of it.  I know that as I get used to it there’ll be less discomfort but two gym visits in a day?  Kill me now!

I really didn’t think that through to well.  Although in my defense I don’t have ready access to my calendar at the moment.  I’m usually much more organised than that.

The evening ended well though.  Off to the Gold Class cinema to see Bruce Willis’ new film Surrogates.  Quite a good film, but then any movie where I’m served a Martini in my seat is a good one.  Even more so when it’s half price spirits night and my Martini is only $3. 😉


Ok gotta run, Annie (grey cat) is going mental around the house and very shortly is going to break something, at which point I may break her.  It’s time to get all parental and put her in time out.




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6 10 2009

Arrrrr bad kitty!

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