Time to De-tox

7 10 2009

I succumbed to the siren call of a sandwich the other day while out shopping with my friend Lisa.  I’d worked out in the morning and was starving by 2pm so decided that the first thing I laid my eyes on, which was a chicken salad sandwich would be the best option.  I knew it wasn’t, it involved bread, and I’m allergic to wheat.

Stupidly I figured two slices of bread wouldn’t kill me.  *BUZZ WRONG!*
Well, it didn’t kill me, but it wasn’t pleasant either, and of course it wasn’t until after I’d eaten it that I realised the bread used was “whole wheat”.  Not my brightest moment.

So after a five hour long migraine, and stomach cramps that made me wish I had dysentery, it became quite clear that sandwiches are not on the acceptable food items list.

Of course now that means my skin is a mess (a reaction I have is like psoriasis, my skin gets inflamed and flaky on my face), I had hives the next morning, and generally felt awful.

So all wheat has been removed from my diet again, and I’ve decided to do a de-tox to cleanse.  The de-tox could be a complete load of hooey, but one thing I’m sure of, for the ten days I do it, there’s absolutely no wheat involved, so it can’t be all bad.

Day 1 to 3, if past experiences are anything to go by won’t be fun.  Headaches and grumpiness, more so than normal. 😉

We’ll see how this pans out…