So Much for It Being a Day of Rest

11 10 2009

Sunday is apparently a day of rest, but not so in our house.

Aside from starting late as I slept in from having a late night of board and card games at a friends house, and a few bottles of red wine.  Good bottles too, I hit the local store and stocked up on some Australian wines I’ve not had ina  while.

Once I finally woke though at 10.25am, and spent a few hours waking up VERY slowly watching television, it was out in the yard.

All the lawns have been mowed.  Garden tools have been moved from the garage to the garden shed where they should have been originally, leaves raked and moved (those two Mark did.  I know… Mark.  Helpful.  Imagine that…), a few more branches cut down, and a shrub bonsai’d to ground level to stop it filling the gutters from leaves and blocking all light from entering the bathroom and bedroom, and mowed all the lawns.

More jobs done, and more to keep me busy during the week.  Probably not tomorrow though.  Tomorrow starts off with gym, the Extreme Body Makeover class that’ll leave me a quivering mass of sore muscles (and wobbling fat – haha), then Pilates in the afternoon.

Next time I’ll check my calendar properly before booking 3 weeks of classes on the same day.  Not my brightest moment, and it’s one that’s going to haunt and hurt me for the next three weeks.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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