Almost a Good Day

12 10 2009

I woke early this morning to get ready for gym, but felt nauseous so opted against going this morning.  Not such a problem since I had Pilates this afternoon anyway.

To fill the time I got a haircut, purchased an outdoor mulching vaccuum to aid in the gardening duties.

Post Pilates I bowled two games (averagely) then picked Mark up from work, then dinner and shopping.  This time for a high pressure water cleaner, and a cover for the outdoor furniture that I’ve just sanded.

Finally we’re home.  Only to find that one of the cats has decided to pee on the spare bed soaking not only the doona (duvet), it’s cover, a pillow, but right through the mattress protector and the memory foam mattress pad.

There’s likely to be a death in the family.  I’m not impressed!

So much for early to bed, I’ve got stacks of washing to do now, the cats may just find themselves in a cycle of their own.