Filthy Minds

14 10 2009

Well that was interesting!

I’ve not long since finished an hour of Pilates with my trainer Derik, and as always it was a great workout, and I laughed.  A lot.  Probably more so than normal.

Sadly, when I laugh, which I do often, I lose all coordination.  It’s my Kryptonite so to speak.

Now I have to say in my defense, despite having a filthy mind, I can honestly (and you’re going to have to go with me on this) say that my experiences are not all that exciting, so when I was introduced to a new exercise today, that saw me suspended off the ground on a contraption resembling a hospital sized four poster bed, with my feet in lambswool covered stirrups while holding on to the bars above me, my first reaction was to giggle.

Uncontrollably.  I couldn’t help it.  My mind went places it shouldn’t.

As it is, to look at the Pilates studio, it’s akin to a medieval dungeon, or perhaps an S&M venue, and despite my knowing better, I just can’t help myself but laugh.

Fortunately I managed to control myself today, maintain my coordination, and not swing from my stirruped ankles whereby I’d have smacked my head on the bench beneath me.
Although, had that happened, I’m pretty sure I would have laughed harder.

So, despite Pilates already proving itself to be the wonder workout, especially now that I’ve been free of backpain for the first time in over a year, for a whole month even, it’s entertaining as well.

Value for money! 😉



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