Day 2 – Master Cleanse Detox

16 10 2009

Yesterday’s blog entry may have been a little more dramatic than required.

Firstly, my first day of de-tox went really easily.

Most importantly, I didn’t fart.  Not even once.  Admittedly I was also kind of scared of any potential follow through – lol.

What I will tell you though is that the salt water flush does exactly what it says.  It flushes.

Oh. My. God!  Apologies in advance for the gross imagery.  But if you can imagine what it’s like to have a mouthful of water, then you purse your lips and squeeze it out as hard and as far as you can.  It’s just like that.  Only repeatedly until there’s nothing left.

Otherwise, existing on the “spicy lemonade” portion of the diet for the whole day was relatively easy.  But, I’ve also detoxed before so I made sure that I was quiet, and resting most of the day.  I only struggled a little in the evening when it was time to bowl.

I didn’t bowl my best, and I was a little listless.

As for today.  I weighed myself first thing, and taking into account that I’m fully aware any weight change is purely fluid.  I’m down 4lbs (approx. 2kgs) since yesterday.  I don’t feel bloated, and my gym shirt feels more comfortable.

Now I recognise that’s an extreme difference, but I am also taking into account that I have a wheat allergy, and the last few weeks have been pretty wheat heavy, and aside from the itching, excema, sneezing, migraines etc that come with my ingesting wheat, there’s also bloating, a whole lot of it.

So today I’m down in weight, feeling decidedly headachey, but taking it easy.  For the moment anyway.  I’m supposed to be having breakfast with a friend this morning, hot water I’m thinking, then playing a game of racquetball.

We’ll see how things pan out.

As I type this though I’m waiting for the Salt Flush of Day 2 to work it’s way through my system.  Which based on yesterdays events it could hit me at any given moment.

Here we go….


While typing this entry the phones all started ringing.  Suddenly my presence is required, and unfortunately/frighteningly, in locations outside of the house…
I’ve just drunk the saltwater.  God help me!