Day 5 – Master Cleanse, and a Fall From the Wagon

19 10 2009

So far everything has been going fine with my detox.  Today was Day 5.  It was also one of the most active days that I’ve had so far.  Pilates and Yard work…  Hard enough that my “filling” 700 calories of lemonade weren’t enough. 

I had a low blood sugar moment yesterday as well.  Low enough that my vision became affected and I was light sensitive.  A little sugar helped that along.

Today was much the same, so I ate something.  I’m all for detoxification, but not so much am I supporter for passing out in my backyard.

So I’ve had a little setback, but back on the wagon tomorrow.  Even though I’ve had a setback, I still have to do todays Salt Water Flush.

So I’m fairly sure anything additional I’ve put in my system today will soon be gone…

Day 11 can’t come soon enough at this stage!