Day 6 Master Cleanse – A Reboot

20 10 2009

I’m well and truly back on the wagon today, and totally behaving myself, so the cleanse continues after yesterdays hiatus.  I’m undecided yet whether I want to add an additional day to the end of the original 10 days to make up for it.  But I’m not so worked up over it that I’m strung out.

Otherwise today has been pretty easy.  The Saltwater Flush as per every day so far has been hideously disgusting to drink, but it does it’s job.

So I’ve survived today, and tomorrow makes it a week.

The changes to date have made it worthwhile.  One tshirt in particular, that I used to stretch the minute I took it out of the dryer and before I put it on, I can now wear comfortably sans stretching.  This is a good thing, it’s also a combination of all the Pilates and the cleanse.

I have to say though with all the core work I’ve been doing, I’m a little more driven to shed the weight and just see what sort of muscle is below the insulation.  It also hasn’t escaped my notice that I plan on diving into Lake Samammish on New Years Day.  The Polar Plunge.  I didn’t quite think it through too far when I decided to lose weight before doing this.  It’s the one time that the layer of fat, my “walrus insulation” would come in handy.  But I’m going to just tough it out in favour of a smaller waist line.

The ongoing weight battle continues.  Joy and rapture!



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