Day 8 – Master Cleanse and Still Itchy

22 10 2009

That was, I was itchy until I took an antihistamine tablet this morning.  That may in effect derail the whole idea of a detox anyway, but when faced with the possibility that I’m going to scratch myself into the ground, it’s an avenue that seems acceptable.

Otherwise things are going well.  I’ve altered the program a little to better suit my needs, and that is to eat every couple of days and abstain from the lemonade mix.  It’s not kosher according to the plan, but it works for me.  Otherwise I spend the whole day feeling hungry, with low energy, and that’s unacceptable.

So I’ve taken a few liberties.

In other news, tonight was bowling night, and usually by this stage of the evening we’re still bowling, at least until 9.30pm, and yet, it’s 9.08pm as I type this, and I’m already home, showered, in my pj’s and blogging.  You just have to love an early finish.  The icing on top was that we also won.  That was probably due to the other team only having 2 players to our 3.  😉

Time for the couch now though.  An early night home from bowling demands a comfortable evening in front of the television.