Day 9 – Master Cleanse and Nothing to Scratch at!

23 10 2009

Finally no itching today, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m pretty much into the final stretch now, and while it’s been great, and I may even do it again in the future, it’s not the most practical of programs, at least not for me.

I’m certainly going to look forward to returning to a more solid diet, and more importantly returning to more frequent gym visits, they’re just too hard to maintain on such a low calorie diet.

As for today, it’s been a quiet one.  The weather is grey, it’s rained most of the day so I’ve been unable to work in the garden.  So it’s been an indoors chore day, and the evening is going to consist of doing all the ironing.  How excitement! 😐

At least it’s Friday and the weekend is here! 🙂