Day 10 – Master Cleanse Retirement

24 10 2009

Well, I’ve decided I’m finished.  The program has worked well for me as far as a cleanse, but as far as a healthy eating plan it’s not maintainable.

So I’ve retired it and will resume or commence a more healthy eating plan, which in line with getting back into a regular gym routine will be just what the Doctor (or me) ordered.

Moving along though…

We spent the afternoon out in the garden today.  All the dead blackberries kindly left for us by the previous owners are gone.  Despite them being a tangled mess and nearly as tall as me, they’re all gone, and the gardens have been raked of all the old decomposing leaves from last season (again, left by the previous owners, they were supposed to removed so as not to kill the lawns so they blew them onto the gardens! grr!) and the old tan bark is gone too.  Now all I have to do is remove the last of the branches from the backyard and the leaves (also left from the previous owners!!!) and then I can send the huge bin back and be free of it.

Speaking of the huge bin.  We’ve had a lot of rain lately, and it has no drain holes, so it’s filled with water.  Annoyingly, because it also has several loads of grass clippings and other garden matter in there, its started to smell.  Yuck!  To combat it, I pulled out my drill and put a nice big hole in the front to let it drain, which it’s been doing for several hours now.

If you’ve ever been to a cemetary and smelt the water in the flower receptacles when you change it to put fresh water and flowers in (and trust me, if you’ve smelt it, you’ll know what I’m talking about), that’s what the water that started gushing from the bin smelt like.  Sadly that same smell sat over the entire front yard like an invisible cloud, and probably still smells now as it’s probably still draining.  The neighbours are going to love me!

I’ll have to hose the ground down tomorrow to clean it all up.  The work here is neverending.

G’night and happy weekend!



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