25 10 2009

It’s been almost a year now since we bought our house, and when we purchased it we did it in the knowledge that we were going to renovate it.

A year has passed, a very busy, stressful, and sometimes traumatic year, and all ideas of remodelling were put to the side, never forgotten, just shelved.

Today Mark and I, and my friends Alex and Randy went to the Home Show in Seattle.  Our goal was to gather as much information relevant to remodelling that we could find.

We now have brochures on kitchens, bathrooms, crawl spaces, garage doors, builders, designers, greenhouses, you name it, we probably picked it up.

During the search I came across one company that had a large collection of photos and sketches of their work, so I stopped to have a look.  During a brief discussion with the owners I established that they’ve recently renovated a single level home (like ours) into a dual level one, something we want to do.  On further discussion I identified that the very house they were telling me about was one that I’ve been driving past every day for quite some time.  From the outside their work is quite amazing, sadly though we were never able to identify who the company was.  That is until today.

We’ve now got their business card and brochures, and they have my contact details, we’ll be meeting for a discussion in the very near future.

Any remodel won’t be happening until the weather improves, but at least now we’re a step closer.