Spoke to Soon

26 10 2009

It’s been another relatively productive day, despite a slow start, I won’t bore you too much with details, but this afternoon I went for coffee with my friend Jeff at the local Starbucks.  Usually I’d make coffee at home, but sadly the transformer that takes the US 110v and turns it into a hefty 240v befitting my Australia appliances blew up on the weekend in a nice display of blue flame, smoke and ozone.  Pretty.  Pretty scary, and pretty bloody annoying!

Anyway, Starbucks.  It’s the one time that I ever actively order flavoured coffee.  Primarily because the coffee is so bad that the flavouring masks it somewhat.

I placed my order, the friendly lass behind the counter asked me “How would you like to pay?”.   I smiled and said “I wouldn’t.”
She laughed.  Next I asked if they accepted American Express.  Primarily because I’m cheap, and if you pay by card they don’t ask for a signature, which also means I don’t have to tip! 😉

She replied that they accept all cards as long as they have a magnetic strip on them.

I couldn’t resist.  I gave her my gym card.  LOL!

She was a totally good sport about it, and told me that unless it was going to take money from my gym account I’d need to use another card.  Just to stir her up further I laughed and said “but you said you too all cards as long as they had a magnetic strip.”

We both laughed, wished each other a lovely day and moved on with our lives.

Great customer service!  Admittedly I still didn’t tip, but I just completed a survey for Starbucks and gave her a great review.

The coffee still sucks, but I left with a smile, so this time I got my monies worth! 🙂