All Done!

30 10 2009

It’s taken close to two months but finally I’ve finished pruning and sawing, and the garden is one HUGE step closer to being under control.

At least now we can see the fence, identify individual plants and the house is no longer hidden behind overgrown shrubs.

The most tedious thing is that with the changing of the seasons the huge deciduous trees (one in front, and one out back) are now dropping all their leaves in the yards all over the place.

But, there was a wind storm today, and something wonderful happened.  The wind swept across my front yard, taking nearly all the leaves with it and depositing them everywhere else but my yard.

Pay off!  My clearing has allowed me to share my garden detritous “naturally” with everyone.  A small environmental karmic payback given most of the neighbours trees are growing into our yard in the first place.

Tee hee!  No more leaves, hope there’s more wind to disperse all future deciduous offerings!

Thankyou Mother Nature! 🙂