Busy and Sidetracked

30 11 2009

Well, here I am, typing up an entry for Monday, on Tuesday.

Yesterday (Today if you’re reading this under Monday’s heading…  Confused yet?) was very busy.

Between Pilates, cleaning house, laundry, ironing, bathing the dogs, shopping for replacement dog beds, and groceries, I ran out of time to Blog.

So here it is.  You didn’t miss anything.  Although the lack of post had my Mum wondering if I’m ok.  Yup!  I’m fine, just got sidetracked.

Chat soon! 🙂

Equality for Everyone

29 11 2009

If your idea of Equality doesn’t cover EVERYONE, you are a bigot!

Mark saw this article the other day and forwarded me the link, I simply had to share it.

Straight British Couple Fight for Civil Partnership

November 25, 2009

A straight British couple who reject marriage but want to seal their love with a civil partnership were told on Tuesday they could not because they are not gay.

Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle, both 25-year-old civil servants, were turned away from Islington Registry Office in north London because the law says civil partnerships – introduced in Britain in 2005 – are only for same-sex couples.

Undeterred, the couple said they will take their fight for equality to court.

“We want to secure official status for our relationship in a way that supports the call for complete equality and is free of the negative connotations of marriage,” Mr Freeman said.

“If we cannot have a civil partnership, we will not get married.”

A spokesman for Islington Council said: “The law dictates that a civil partnership is only for couples of the same sex. The council must follow the law.”

There are a small number of differences between a marriage and a civil partnership, including that a marriage can be conducted in a church, while a civil partnership cannot.


Remember when…

28 11 2009

When being gay meant being happy?

Is this the new McDonalds Happy Meal?

We saw this sign at the Bellevue McDonalds near our house on the way home last night, and had to take a photo.  The photo isn’t the best, but I only had my phone, and I didn’t want to hang around too long as the Police were driving past when we stopped to take the pic.

In case you can’t read the sign, it says:  “TRY THE NEW ANUS TIRD POUNDER”.

Ahhh, the children of today, what will they come up with next…?

You have to laugh!  Enjoy!

Spinal Miracle

27 11 2009

After a day and a half of back pain, I can’t say I was honestly too excited about Pilates this morning, despite loving it.

I needn’t have worried.  Several of the exercises involve ensuring my spine is mobilised vertabrae, by vertabrae, and stretched.  During these exercises, I felt, and heard, several of my vertabrae click back into alignment.  Instant relief.

I still have some muscular pain left, but I was mobile enough this afternoon to be able to shovel more of the compost out of the driveway and into the garden.  I’m slowly making progress.

Can’t stop right now though, have to eat dinner, shower, shave, dress and get moving we’re off to a birthday party.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday Al!

Happy Turkey Day!

26 11 2009

It’s Thanksgiving today in America, and very shortly I’ll be dragging myself off the couch and into another hot shower, gingerly getting dried and dressed, and heading off to our friends house for the Thanksgiving Day feast.

I had planned on running today as per my schedule, which would have made me feel a lot better about being inundated by so much food, but that didn’t happen.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to by tomorrow, but time will tell.

Ok, it’s time to get moving.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Did You Miss Me?

25 11 2009

This post is coming to you from the comfort of my couch, and a day late, but for purposes of continuity I’ll be backdating the publish date.

Wednesday started off well, an early start then off to Pilates, as always Pilates was awesome.  Most sessions are focussed on addressing the lack of flexibility in my lower back and trying to improve on it.

The session went well, but not too long afterwards the pain kicked in.  My lower back is VERY MUCH not happy with me.  In the past as painful as things are the pain is a good sign as it means my back is loosening up and on it’s way to repair and improvement.

In the interim though, I’m semi crippled, any movement hurts, and standing up straight takes a lot of care, and a little time to accomplish.

So there was no blog post for the day.  I thought about it, but opted on having a hot shower, applying a huge fabric patch impregnated with Tiger Balm, and keeping stationary.

I MUST have this fixed in time for Disneyland.  I’m NOT, I repeat NOT, missing out on rides because of a sore back.

So apologies for the late posting, but now you know why.

You know you’re from Melbourne if…

24 11 2009

I’m from Melbourne, and when Mark forwarded me the link for this article I had to laugh.  That being said I didn’t understand everything, so it’s not entirely accurate, and I take offense at the Ringwood-Frankston FWY aka Eastlink.   I’m from Frankston, we’re not all bad! 😉

Read it for yourself, if you’re from Melbourne you may just get a laugh, if you’re not, well hopefully you’ll get a laugh too.

You know you’re from Melbourne if…

YOU know you’re from Melbourne if (part II) …

■ You think the Queen Vic Market opening hours are normal.

■ The sight of kids in pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers in the street makes you immediately think of the Myer Christmas windows.

■ You’re more impressed by someone telling you they’re a barista than a barrister.

■ You subscribe to The Monthly but don’t read it, only buy The Big Issue if people are watching and have a RRR sticker on your car but you’ve been listening to the ABC since you moved out of share-houses.

■ You’ve read The Slap and hate every character in it. But they remind you of your friends.

■ You would have slapped the kid too.

■ You own a tagine, a poffertje iron and a pasta maker. And have never used any of them.

■ You haven’t paid for a ticket on tram in 10 years but you’d pay double if they reintroduced connies.

■ Your three favourite words are: ”Tullamarine, thanks driver.”

■ The last place you’d go for pizza is Lygon Street.

■ You don’t mind graffiti as long as it’s spelt correctly and uses appropriate grammar while sticking it to the man – and is written by a woman.

■ You’ve stepped on an ”emo” walking into Flinders Street station while you were both texting.

■ Whelan the Wrecker, Harry the Hirer, Peter the Possum Man, The Tint Professor, The Dashboard Doctor, The Swagman and Stephanie Alexander all seem like members of the family.

■ You feel sorry for Geelong.

■ Laneways full of people sitting on milk crates eating breakfast at 3pm seems normal.

■ You’ve lived in London, been to conferences in Paris, holidayed in Rome and know New York like the back of your hand, but you’ve never seen the penguins at Phillip Island.

■ You can sing the jingle for Car City.

■ You think a massage with a happy ending means when you’re finished they give you a cafe latte and a Readings voucher.

■ The fact there’s a Chardonnay Crescent and Champagne Road in Chirnside Park reinforces your suspicion that Kath and Kim is a documentary.

■ You hope the Southern Star wheel never gets fixed because if it stays broken we can call it an installation.

■ You take Japanese students to the Coburg drive-in for the cultural experience.

■ Your husband wears a sarong, is in a book group and uses moisturiser. But you call him your partner, because you’re not married or you don’t want people to think you are.

■ Your wife grows the hair under her arms but waxes elsewhere. Partner. Whatever.

■ South Melbourne Market means only one thing: giant chicken dim sims.

■ You know Richmond’s postcode is 3121. And Channel Nine’s address is 22 Bendigo Street.

■ You hate it when they shoot a car chase in Melbourne and Sydney and the editing jumps between the two cities. Like we won’t notice.

■ The Ringwood-Frankston bypass. Do we really want to encourage these people to breed?

■ You’ve never solved the mystery of how WEG always correctly predicted who would win the grand final when he drew his grand final souvenir poster.

■ You have a friend in a band. Or who says they’re in a band.

■ You know the difference between Carlton and North Carlton, Heidelberg and West Heidelberg and Malvern and East Malvern is about $120,000.

■ You know drunk women wearing fascinators staggering around the city with their shoes slung over their shoulder means Oaks day has turned into Dog Day Afternoon.

■ Your favourite joke is Pakenham Upper.

■ You love that only Melbourne people will get this quiz.

Catherine Deveny will be signing copies of her new book Free to a Good Home at Readings Carlton on Friday, November 27 2009, at 1pm.

The Excitement is Starting to Set In…

23 11 2009

There’s only 12 more days left until I leave for Anaheim, California and my first ever trip to Disneyland.  Five whole days at the Happiest Place on Earth…  


I’ve even finally started reading through “The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland”, a literary wealth of hints and tips towards enjoyment.  I thought it’d be silly, but it’s actually quite informative, in that it gives you all the information you need to navigate the park efficiently, what to take, when to go, and importantly, how to skip the queues where possible.

Good news!

That aside, I need to de-excite a little as it’s late and time for bed.


Jam Packed Full-o-Fun

22 11 2009

To say today was busy would be an understatement, despite a slow start, I managed to get to the gym, then home, shower, change, in the car with Mark, Alex and Randy and off into Seattle to visit a house that is being remodelled by the Designers we’ve been meeting with.

The renovation was amazing, but there are a lot of things I’d personally do differently, but most importantly, their other client is immensely happy with the work, a good sign.

From remodels it was off to the Ballard Locks, where the large lock is currently empty for maintenance.  The last time I was there was with my parents, and both Locks were operational, and kept my Dad mesmerised for hours.  To see the large one empty is bizarre.  It’s enormous, and it boggles the mind at how fast it’s filled and emptied with water when it’s operational.

From Locks, to Archie McPhees a novelties store, where you can buy any sort of gag gift you’ve ever imagined, and some that you haven’t.  I came home with 2 back scratchers (practical, not gag), some Cappucino flavoured mints, some Bacon flavoured mints, and some Cupcake flavoured mints.  Bizarre but novel.  The Bacon mints taste weird, which really isn’t too surprising.

From there it was off to a Burger restaurant called The Counter where you’re given a check list of items to build your own burger, you simply check mark everything you want and they bring it to you.  Also amazing!

Then off to Smash Putt mini golf.  A game of mini golf that involves air cannons on the first hole, you shoot your ball at targets to score.  Other holes had moving parts, catapaults, and some even had power tools such as Plunge Routers, Drills, Circular saws etc.  At the end of the evening your ball is literally destroyed.  Mine now has saw marks along the side, and a big hole drilled in it.  Great fun!

Then we all grabbed a hot drink, since it’s so cold out, and now we’re home where I’m exhausted and ready for bed.

Hope you all had great weekends!

Game Night and a New Obsession

21 11 2009

I ordered (technically Mark did) my new netbook today, so hopefully in the very near future it’ll arrive and I’ll have an interim method of maintaining my email.  Apologies to anyone who’s emailed me and I’ve not responded to.

That’s not the new obsession, nor is it game night.   Game night was also dinner and drinks, along with watching an information DVD about Disneyland in readiness for our upcoming trip.  Not long to go now.  In fact it’s only two weeks away!  Yay!

The obsession…  Alex introduced us this evening to the wonders of Disney pin trading.  He’s already hooked, and had dozens for us to go through and select to allow us to trade when we get there.  He’s like the Disney Crack Peddler.  Gave us a few free pins to get us hooked…


Best run now though, have to get some sleep in readinees