Reintroduction to Running

9 11 2009

Well it was a rainy, grey Monday here in Redmond, Washington, the sort of day where you just want to spend the whole day either in bed or curled up on the couch, but I was good.

I dragged myself out to run some errands, drop the dogs off to be bathed, picked up the mail, and rather than go home and wait to be phoned to pick the dogs up, I decided to go to the gym and finally implement the “running prescription” I was given 6 weeks ago.

It’s been well over 18 months since I’ve run any distance, that all came to an end once I got myself a case of shin splints and stress fractures.  Now I get to start the work up back to running a decent distance.

AND, I’m totally unexcited about it.  I’ve never enjoyed running.

So far though it’s been good.  As I reintroduce myself (brain and body) to running I get to do it in stages, all of which were prescribed by my Physical Therapist.  I run for 1 minute, and walk for 4, for half an hour, three times a week, increasing the run time, and decreasing the walk time by a minute each week, until at the end of 4 weeks I’m running 30 minutes without a break.

Baby steps.  But fast ones.

I just have to stick to it.  The incentive is my upcoming trip to Disneyland.  We’re going for 5 days, and I have every intention of being able to outrun anyone I need to for the rides, and having the endurance and stamina to last from opening to close.

Fingers crossed.




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