Early’ish to Bed, Early to Rise

12 11 2009

That’s the plan.  Since I’m also the Household Chauffeur, I have to be up early tomorrow to drive Mark to the gym.  Then kill an hour before my Pilates session.

If it wasn’t so cold right now I’d tell him to take the car, and then either walk or ride to the gym.  Or not.  As I said it’s cold. 😉

Nothing else to report.  It’s been a pretty non-eventful day.  I ordered some more compost for the gardens, which will hopefully arrive on the weekend, then it’ll be full steam ahead to get the gardens dressed, plant over 1000 bulbs, then snuggle down for when the Winter snows hit, and they won’t be far away.  You can see freshly fallen snow, from my house, on the nearby Cascade Mountains…

Brrr.  Hopefully this year I’ll get to go snowboarding finally. 🙂



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