Now That’s Service

13 11 2009

I’m sore, tired, but it’s been a great day.  I’ve worked out with Pilates, run on the treadmill, had lunch with a new friend, done a few chores, then collected Mark from work and taken him to get a haircut.

I had no intention of getting a haircut, but Amanda, my stylist thought otherwise.  So since she had a vacancy in her schedule I booked myself in.

Since we had an hour to wait we went and grabbed ourselves some dinner, then returned to the salon.

I entered with longish shaggy hair, and a beard.  I left with a funky shorter haircut, and a goatee.  Amanda decided midway that she wasn’t happy with the facial hair, so the haircut worked its way down to my chin and back.

The works, you could say, and it looks good!

She’s a doll! 🙂



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