Oh No She Didn’t!

14 11 2009

Oh yes she did!

We’ve not long arrived home from an evening out with friends for dinner, and then seeing Lisa Lampanelli, a comedian, perform at the Paramount Theatre.

Her humour can catch those with delicate sensibilities by complete surprise, but I think she’s hilarious.

A lot of the enjoyment comes from hearing the shocked nervous laughs from people in the audience as some of the jokes.

Really people.  They’re just words, they have no power unless you react, and given that America is such a politically correct country, in my mind, to the point of being ridiculous (Australia is well on it’s way to reaching the same level of “correct stupidity”) there were many, many, many, MANY reactions.  I even overheard the woman behind me trying to explain that the laughter she was hearing over the use of the “N” word, that it was all nervous, uncomfortable laughter.

Sorry lady.  My laughter was genuine, the joke was truly funny, and it was just that, a joke.  Even the people in the audience who should or could have been offended by the word thought it was funny.  You, my caucasian friend didn’t.  No surprise, that seems to always be the case.  The majority decide the climate for the minority.

Ah well, we minorities probably laughed the hardest, and the most genuine, and definitely with the least discomfort and nerves.

The evening was fun.  Of course it started off perfectly when the restaurant we went to beforehand appeared to have finally gotten their act together.  The last few times we’ve been there, the service has been atrocious, the food lack lustre.  Not so tonight.

Firstly, the restaurant was Palomino’s in Seattle, there’s another one over here in Bellevue, our server was a lovely middle aged woman, named Gracie, she was Amazing.  Apologies to my, and Alex’s Mum who are both named Grace and are also Amazing, but not such fans of being called “Amazing Grace”.  Apparently it gets repetitive… 😉

Needless to say the meal was great, as were the accompanying cocktails, and for those that had them (not me), dessert was great too.  Good work Gracie, you definitely earned your gratuity.

Ok, I’m outta here now, it’s time for sleep.



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